About Me

I am Jason Soto known on the Web as Jsitech. My passion is Information Technology but the area that interest me the most is CyberSecurity. I am an Experienced Penetration Tester with broad knowledge in Information Security.  Other areas of Experience cover Linux/Unix Administration in Large Scale Environments and other areas.

During the years i have worked and contribute to several diferrent projects that include hardening scripts for Linux Servers and Penetration Testing tools. I am the author of JShielder (Linux Hardening Script) which can be found on my github account along other projects i have contributed to. I have published a couple of Ebooks, one explaining the Jshielder Tool, First dive in docker containers and deploying a TACACS+ server on linux, all of these are in Spanish but will publishing them in English very Soon.

As Technology evolves. more Security risks comes with it, so i consider CyberSecurity to be non-stop reading, investigations and learning, this takes me on a daily journey of trying to keep up with these new changes and a jouney i truly enjoy. Because of this i enjoy sharing what i have learn talking about it on my blog. So feel free to Follow:

Twitter: @jsitech