About Me

I am Jason Soto known on the Web as Jsitech. My passion is Information Technology  and the area that interest me the most is Cyber Security. I have extensive experience in IT Security, handling varying security threats, access controls, network security, penetration testing, PCI DSS and more.

With threats becoming more and more sophisticated, it is vital that companies improve their security posture and their ability to respond quickly upon any security incident. I take pride in knowing i can help organizations accomplish this through my experience, continuous research and training. I try to maintain myself up-to-date with the industry trends and technologies to ensure companies don’t fall behind on this highly changing field and remain safe and in control.

During the years i have worked and contribute to several different projects that include hardening scripts for Linux Servers and Penetration Testing tools. I am the author of JShielder (Linux Hardening Script) and Relayer (SMB Relay Attack Script), which can be found on my github account along other projects i have contributed to. I have published a couple of Ebooks, one explaining the Jshielder Tool, First dive in docker containers and deploying a TACACS+ server on Linux, all of these are in Spanish but will publishing them in English very Soon.

As Technology evolves. more Security risks comes with it, so i consider Cyber Security to be non-stop reading, investigations and learning, this takes me on a daily journey of trying to keep up with these new changes and a jouney i truly enjoy. Because of this i enjoy sharing what i have learn talking about it on my blog. So feel free to Follow:

Twitter: @jsitech